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I am a wearer-of-many hats, a collaborator, a generalist, a doer who likes to cross things off lists, a curious, enthusiastic team mate. Throw a project at me and I’ll get it done. I can strategize, design, write, manage, research, art direct, talk about my dog (he has the soul of a poet), whatever is needed. And if I don’t have the exact skills, I have a large network of highly skilled humans who do.

Other things: I used to live in Sydney, and then New York, now Austin. I like exploring, big friendships, succulents, bodies of water and sometimes I tell stories about walking around NY without shoes.

Isabelle Raphael is a multi-disciplined creative lead with diverse experience across various industries, including tech, sustainability, financial solutions, politics, travel, CPG brands, fashion and entertainment. Her expertise encompasses brand, editorial and agency work. Recent clients include: Braze, Accenture Song, Brunswick Group, Homegrown, Texas MonthlyThe Foundry


Year: 2023-
Role: Creative Director

In my capacity consulting as Creative Director at Homegrown, a climate tech startup, my role revolves around shaping and executing the visual brand identity across all touchpoints. From product and technology to marketing and sales collateral, I'm ensuring a cohesive brand presence. Working within a startup environment, my responsibilities are varied. I navigate between UX and product design, overall brand stategy, data visualizations, and developing business development materials. In this agile setting, adaptability and a multi-faceted skill set are essential to meet the evolving priorities of an early stage startup.


Year: 2023-2024
Role: Associate Creative Director (Contract)

In my contracted position at Braze, I worked on the company's brand redesign, particularly focusing on photography. Additionally, I led the creative in a tentpole project to kickstart the new rebrand – the 2024 edition of the Global Customer Engagement Review. This extensive report, derived from a survey of 1,900 VP+ marketing executives, explored emerging customer engagement trends and provided strategic solutions. My contributions included designing a dynamic 48-page animated report, developing a video sizzle reel, and managing the creation of social and product graphics.


Year: 2021-2023
Role: Creative & Product Strategy Consultant

During my time at Ethic, I spearheaded a new sustainable behavior initiative known as "Sustainability for Everyone." In this pivotal role, I took charge of crafting the UX and product development roadmap, as well as devising an effective content and creative strategy. My responsibilities included overseeing a team of freelance creatives, conducting extensive user research, and shaping the visual direction of the project, encompassing positioning, product design, and the visual brand identity. Notably, this endeavor evolved into an independent company, Homegrown.

Upgraded Points

Year: 2022-2023
Role: Creative Consultant and Photographer

Working with a travel and credit card news brand operating on a tight budget, I was tasked with creating an extensive library of credit card images to support their ongoing editorial content. This involved photographing, styling and producing a set of 150+ credit card and travel images, as well as providing art direction for a series of 3D card scenes.

Clients: Biden for President, Bloomberg 2020, Get Out The Vote 
Role: Creative Director
Year: 2019-2021

Led a creative team of copywriters, designers, and art directors, specializing in progressive political clients, including candidates, campaigns, PACs, c3s, surrogate networks during the critical 2020 Presidental Election. My role encompassed the conceptualization, execution, and production of integrated campaigns spanning video, social, programmatic, static assets, and branding. Collaborating closely with cross-functional teams, I interpreted client requirements and transformed policy objectives into visually compelling digital experiences.